Iron Chef was Monday, October 20. Thank you to all those that attended this fun night of interactive critique and excellent food and drink. We appreciate everyone’s participation in this fun evening. Picture’s will soon be posted! The secret ingredient was eggplant. Tom was down to help in the event and enjoyed seeing everyone.

September’s Iron Chef!

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#1 – Broiled grouper, fried tomatoes, tomato chipotle sauce.

#2 – Tomato salad, peaches, figs, and jalepano sauce.

1aItalian brd sld1aSpanich risotto








#3 – Italian bread salad with fresh bagels, mozzarella, onions, basil, tomatoes, and cucumbers tossed in garlic tomato dressing.

#4 – Spanish risotto with andouile sausage, corn, sun-dried tomatoes with rosemary cedar plank salmon.

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The new menu is out and getting some excellent reviews. We thank everyone for sharing their thoughts and opinions and greatly appreciate the feedback!

4Mediterranean Stir Fry

Mediterranean Veggie Stir Fry – This is simply satisfying and delicious!

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8 Seasons Grille






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